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Course Objective: To enhance knowledge and skills among development workers, managers and support agencies on the management of Community Based Organizations (CBO) as basic civil society units for realizing community transformation and sustainable development.

Course Content: The course topics will include the following:
- Understanding CBOs
- Why CBOs are important as civil society units for Community transformation
- The stages of evolution and development
- Leadership in CBOs
- Building trust in CBOs
- The Role of External Animators in CBOs
- Needs assessment in CBOs
- Record Keeping in CBOs
- CBO Constitution formulation
- Human relation in CBOs
- Communication Skills For CBO Animators
- Fund Raising Strategies in CBOs
- Project Proposal Writing
- Financial Management
- Sustainability considerations in CBOs
- Simple, but effective planning
- Monitoring in CBOs
- Evaluation of CBO Activities
- The qualities of an empowered CBO

Target Group: Project managers and coordinators, development workers/field workers, social workers, field animators, interns and development volunteers.

Dates and Venues:

- To be announced

Duration: 5 days

Course fees: US$600 including tuition, food and accommodation

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