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Gender Mainstreaming for Development

Course Objective: To enable participants acquire pertinent awareness and sensitivity to gender related issues and to incorporate the same in program design, planning and implementation and development.

Course Content: The course topics will include the following:
- The historical underpinning of women's movements / gender and development
- The social construction of gender
- Understanding the concept of gender
- Myths and facts about the concept of gender
- Women in development and Gender in development
- The role of gender in sustainable development
- The relationship between gender equality, gender equity and empowerment
- Gender Analysis: step 1 ( gender roles, practical and strategic gender needs)
- Gender Analysis : step 2 (Access, control and benefits to national, local and household resources)
- Gender and HIV/AIDS: Its effects to development
- Gender planning methods
- Gender mainstreaming in organizations, programmes and projects
- Monitoring and evaluating gender programmes

Target Group: Project managers and coordinators, development workers/field workers, social workers, field animators, interns and development volunteers.

Dates and Venues:


- To be announced

Duration: 5 days

Course fees: US$600 including tuition, food and accommodation

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