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Course Objective: The 2 weeks course is tailor made to facilitate specific knowledge, aptitudes and skills on the theoretical framework, methodologies and practical application of the Participatory Learning and Action (PLA/PRA) paradigms as entry points in the assessment of needs and resources for project start-up and development. Practical field application and simulations are in build in this training program.

Course Content: The course topics will include the following:
- The concept of PLA
- Understanding the interface between PRA and PLA
- The development and participatory context of PLA
- The fundamental differences between PLA and other approaches
- Genesis of rural and urban learning appraisal
- The main pillars of the appraisal and learning paradigms
- Key steps of the methodologies
- Principles that underlie the methods of PLA
- Gender mainstreaming in relation to PLA
- Issues of advocacy and lobbying within PLA
- Data collection, techniques and tools
- The importance and centrality of Community Action Plans (CAP)
- Synthesis, analysis and interpretation of the data
- Validation of the draft data and initial information accruing from the exercise
- Tips and techniques on report writing
- Structural and organizational challenges facing PLA
- Facing the future with confidence through PLA

Target Group: Project managers and coordinators, development workers/field workers, social workers, field animators, interns and development volunteers.

Dates and Venues:

- To be announced

Duration: 5 days

Course fees: US$600 including tuition, food and accommodation

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