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Course Objective: This is a one week course that seeks to equip development practitioners with requisite techniques and skills in applying the strategic planning approach for organizational growth.

Course Content: The course topics will include the following:
- Concept of participatory development
- Understanding strategic planning
- Distinct approaches in strategic planning
- Components of the planning process
- Creating a realistic future through collective visioning
- Determining organizational mandates (Mission statements)
- Strategy development
- Identifying the core values
- Strategic directions focus
- Developing strategic objectives
- Key strategies or actions
- Mapping of interventions on timelines
- Determinants of the implementation of change
- Using strategic planning as an instrument for Organizational Capacity Assessment as well as Monitoring and Evaluation
- From strategic planning to LFA

Target Group: Project managers and coordinators, development workers/field workers, social workers, field animators, interns and development volunteers.

Dates and Venues:

-- To be announced

Duration: 5 days

Course fees: US$600 including tuition, food and accommodation

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