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Course Objective: The Course seeks to enhance participants’ skills and knowledge on methods/tools/process of effective and efficient Organizational Development. More importantly, participants will get an opportunity to share experiences, ideas and knowledge on OD.

Course Content: The Workshop topics will include the following:

  • The concept of M & E within development projects
  • Understanding participatory evaluation
  • Functional relationships between monitoring and evaluation
  • Monitoring and evaluation in project intervention models
  • Requirements for setting up sounds M & E systems
  • Practical guidelines for developing M & E systems
  • Hierarchy of project objectives in relation to M & E
  • Developing practical and realistic indicators
  • Decision making and responsive structures for PME frameworks
  • Developing users friendly tools for M & E
  • Undertaking PME with partners and stakeholders
  • Sampling for an evaluation: key determinants
  • Systematic stages in conducting realistic PME
  • Useful participatory techniques and tools in data collection
  • Participatory analysis and interpretation of data
  • Quantitative Methods & Data Analysis
  • Writing an Evaluation Report
  • Preparation and Validation of an Evaluation Report
  • Tips of draft report preparation and validation of an evaluation
  • Challenges of undertaking successful PME in project

Target Group: Project managers and coordinators, development workers/field workers, social workers, field animators, interns and development volunteers

Dates and Venues:

-  26-30, June, 2017, Juba, Southern Sudan
- 5-9, June, 2017, Nairobi, Kenya

Duration: 5 days

Course fees: US$600 including tuition, food and accommodation

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