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Participatory Development Centre (PDC) is a Professional Community Development Training, Teaching and Research organization founded in 2003 by a team of development professionals. Prior to this, the founding members had jointly been practising as Development practitioners for over 15 years. PDC came to fruition with the main purpose for enabling the realization of quality and participatory development for Governmental Agencies, International & local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Community Based organizations, Faith Based Organizations (CBOs), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Private Sector. Participatory Development Centre has established itself has a Training &Research Institute in the Sub-Saharan region. The organization has two Country Offices in Juba, South Sudan and Nairobi, Kenya.

PDC offers Full time training, Part time and Distance learning programmes as well as consultancy services in several countries in Africa.

Human Resource Capacity

PDC has a team of 6 full time consultants with the appropriate academic and professional qualifications in participatory community development processes and training. The full time team has been trained locally and abroad in multi-disciplinary fields relevant to development work. This team has worked together for over 15 years blending wide array of experiences gained while working across the East, Central Africa and Horn of Africa region. Through the initiatives of PDC, an academic arm registered as the Participatory development Centre College has been established to offer full time, part time and distant learning Certificate and Diploma courses in Education, Development Studies, Business and Accountancy and Technical Courses (electrical installation & catering ).

The full time team of consultants has served with diverse development agencies operating in urban and rural environments. Each of the Consultants has managed, facilitated and provided leadership in different capacities. The team of consultants possesses vast training, qualification and expertise in community development. Furthermore, they have acquired useful and relevant cumulative experience and in-depth understanding and interaction with development programs and organizations in Kenya, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia among others, through previous capacity building efforts.

In addition; PDC has team of 10 full time professional staff and 10 part time professional staff running the college programmes.


We aspire to be the leading Training, Teaching and Research institution facilitating quality and participatory development in sub-Saharan Africa.


We exist to provide needs-driven services aimed at transforming people, communities, organizations/institutions, towards poverty alleviation and restoration of human dignity.

Corporate Goals

a) To strengthen and diversify capacity building services, which respond to the needs of, humanitarian organizations and development professionals in the Sub-Saharan region.

b) To undertake effective networking and develop mutually rewarding linkages within a broadened clientele including associates, Government and Government institutions, Foundations , NGOs and local Community Based Organisations ( Farmer Association, civil society Groups , Youth Groups and women Groups , among others )

c) To promote career development and excellence through capacity building and institutional strengthening within Kenya and in the region.

Core Values

  • Participation as an fundamental ingredient to Sustainable Development
  • Transparency and accountability in all our professional undertakings.
  • Partner-focused organization.
  • Learning organization that focuses creativity and innovation.
  • Confidentiality and gender equality.
  • Believes in flexibility.
  • Committed to social justice.

Capacity Building Methodologies

PDC promotes methodologies that will facilitate people’s realization of own potential to improve on their lot, and to enhance the sense of local ownership of Groups and Community initiatives. The agency also seeks to optimise people’s empowerment through participatory learning, skills Development, Change of Attitudes and practices ,exposure to best practices and exchange of information. Our capacity building efforts utilize indigenous technical knowledge , strengthen existing local structures, systems and processes in the social re-engineering process of organizations.

We use training methodologies that consist of a mix of participatory techniques that are suited to the unique situations for adult learners. PRA/PLA tools are widely used in PDC’s practical and participatory facilitation approaches. The process largely involves experience sharing through plenary and small group discussions, role-plays, simulation exercises, and case study reviews. There are inputs from facilitators from time to time to provide theoretical framework to the participants’ life experiences.